Best Camera App for Android

Best Camera App for Android 2020

Ok then! So you are probably wondering which is the best camera app for android phone? So that you can shoot like a pro? Ok I got it. There are hundreds of cool free Android Camera apps available in the Play Store. However, I have done my research for you and tried at least 30 of them. I believe not every one of them is good enough. Your stock Camera app in your Android phone could do a better job than most of these 3rd party Camera apps for Android phones. Nevertheless, there are definitely few pretty great Android Camera Apps that will enable you to shoot like a professional if you are serious about Smartphone Photography. Enough of the chit-chat. Let me get you straight to the Techme Tv list of best Camera Apps for Android 2020.

Here are the Best Camera Apps for Android 2020

5. Camera MX

Best Camera App for Android 2020

We start with Camera MX in our list of the best Camera App for Android 2020. User friendly, minimalis

tic but a robust Android Camera App at the same time. That sums it up about Camera MX. With over 20 million downloads, Camera MX is one of the widely used alternative for the stock camera app in Android phones. It supports all resolutions which your phone supports, real time video filters while you record videos, export JPEGs in various qualities you demand, burst mode, time lapse mode, slow-mo mode and what not.

Download it here-

4. Footej Camera 2

DSLR like Camera app for Android

Footej Camera is a DSLR like Camera app for Android Phones. Personally I love the vivid colours this app brings to the images. For sure it depends on you whether you like more of that natural feel on your images or a bit more saturated one. That is the case of the Auto capture mode though. You have Manual mode to have complete control of the images you wish to capture. Anyhow, this particular free Android camera app definitely gets into our list of the best Camera Apps for Android 2020. You also have option to capture images in RAW mode enabling you avoid data loss for post processing. Great! Isn’t it?

Download it here-

3. A Better Camera

Camera app in Android phones

You read it right- “A Better Camera’. Some of the previously popular Android Camera Apps such as the HDR Camera+, Night Camera+ and HD Panorama+ has been fused into this app. With a bunch of cool features including Exposure Bracketing, Smart Multishot, Preshot, Burst Mode, 360 degree panoramas and the Super Mode, the app justifies its name- A Better Camera. It is one of those full featured Camera Apps for Android phones. Though the UI is not the best, try playing with it and you will definitely fall in love with this cool Android Camera App.

Download it here-

2. Open Camera

Dslr camera android app download

Like the name suggests, the Open Camera app is an open source Android app that offers complete control over your smart phone camera. It is feature rich with various shooting modes, manual white balance and ISO control, exposure compensations, image stabilisation, grids and what not. It also has a timer for remote shooting. The best thing is that it is an open source app and therefore you can expect frequent updates and development.

With that being said my experience with the Open Camera app has been great and i would easily recommend Open Camera as one of the best Camera Apps for Android 2020.

Download it here-

1. Google Cam [Gcam]- the best Camera App for Android

Best Camera App for Android 2020

In the World of Smartphone Cameras there is only one undisputed king- the Google Pixel phones. Google’s computational photography is the state of art in smart phone photography. Good news is you can get the Google camera app or better known as the Gcam app right onto your android device. Thanks to the 3rd part developers who made it possible. Owing to Gcam’s exceptional abilities to capture explicit details into the frame, it has a huge fan following among the android users. If you are fond of star gazing and like to try out capturing them onto your smart phone, look no further, the Google Camera is the best android app for astrophotography. Period. Get a sturdy tripod, mount your android phone, open the Gcam app, select the Night Sky mode and start shooting stars.

Do not get me wrong though, Gcam is not just about astrophotography, rather by all means it tops in facets of smartphone photography.

If you are serious about upping your smart phone photography skills, you must definitely download and try the Gcam app. On that note, wondering how to install Google Camera in Android phone? Well, yea you won’t find the Google Cam app in Play Store. As said you have to depend upon third party developers for the Gcam port version. It is fairly easy to download.
Let me help you out-

Just click this link and select Google Camera APK from a list of Android phones in the page. You are good to go.

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