how to check if mail id is hacked or not

How to check if my mail ID is hacked or not?

Ever wondered “How to check if your mail ID is hacked or not ”? It is simple. Let me get your through this real quick. Hacking is so common these days and it is more like a trend right now. Some hackers do it for fun but few have a whole different agenda altogether. Hundreds of thousands of Emails are being hacked every day all across the globe. Your Email Ids, passwords, IP address, your Social Media profiles, your phone numbers and even your permanent resident address is at stake. These data is sold in the dark web to big corporate firms for big bucks. What is surprising is that you won’t even notice if your email account has been hacked. Data breach is everywhere now and chances of your email account been hacked already is pretty high. It could be in one or few among the zillions of websites you use in your day to day lives. is a free service website for people to check if your email account has been hacked or not. Troy Hunt, an Australian based Web Security researcher and a regional director of Microsoft developed this particular website to help victims to learn of compromises of their email accounts over the web. As per him, there are over 10 billion [10,000 Crores] email accounts that has been hacked over the years. Unbelievable stats. Isn’t it? In fact, it is true and Troy Hunt has aggregated the data to back him up.

Now let me show how do you check if yout email account has been hacked.
Below is a snapshot of the front page I took of the said website developed by Troy Hunt-

Just Tune in to and enter your Email ID. Within a matter of milli seconds you get the result. If your email has been hacked, you will get the whole data regarding which websites your personal data and email id has been compromised and when.

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