Check out our list of the Best Non Chinese Smartphone 2020 under 30000 Rs

Best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000

India is probably the largest market for Chinese smartphones with a record 66% market share as of 2020. However, considering the recent political events and the tensions arising between India and China, more people are looking for the best Non Chinese smartphones in India.
Are you one of those? Perhaps you have googled – the best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000 Rs – and landed here. If yes, then rightfully so.

India is probably the largest market for Chinese smartphones with a record 66% market share as of 2020.

There is no lack of good non Chinese smartphones in India. In-fact there are numerous ultramodern smartphones which could be a great pick for you in 2020. In here, we are going to introduce you to our list of the best non Chinese phones in India 2020.

Without further ado, let us get on it!

1. Google Pixel 4a [USA]
[6 GB Ram, 128 GB Storage]

Image Credits- Tomsguide

Well! Who doesn’t love the the Google’s line of Pixel phones? If you haven’t had the chance to grab a Google phone due to their often high pricing strategy, then 2020 is your time to get one. Google has recently released their new pixel phone in India as Google Pixel 4a. It is their latest device which they have introduced to firm their grip on the budget smartphone market. However, do not get me wrong when i say a budget phone. The Pixel phones just like the iPhones are a class apart among the other smartphones and even at an introductory price tag of Rs. 29,999 [Indian Market], Google has made sure the Pixel 4a has most of the signature elements of a Pixel phone.

The new Pixel 4a is equipped with the same flagship level Camera system found in the last year’s Pixel 4 which was voted as the best smartphone camera of the year 2019. Google’s computational photography is unparalleled and best in class. A single 12.2 MP rear Camera that works like magic. Did i hear “Low Light Photography”? The Pixel phones are the best bar none! It also has an 8mp selfie cam at the front which offers decent selfies as well.

Loaded with the Snapdragon 730G processor coupled with a 6gb Ram and 128 gigs of storage, the Google 4a offers power as well. Speaking about the design, Google has done a great job with a 5.8 inch OLED bezel-less display. The body is poly-carbonate with a sleek matt black finish which feels classy in hand. For those who prefer a compact smartphone with decent power and a spectacular Camera, the Google Pixel 4a could easily be the best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000. As far as the battery is concerned, the device comes with a 3140 mah battery which seems on the downside but Google has optimized the 4a really well which results in a pretty good on screen time.

Google offered an introductory promotional price of Rs. 29999 during its launch but as of now it is Rs 31999.
However, with an Axis Bank credit card you can get a flat 1599 discount.
#1 best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000

2. Samsung M51 [South Korea]
[8 GB Ram, 128 GB Storage]

Samsung has introduced a monster this year in their mid-budget segment and it bags the second spot in TechmeTV list of the best Non Chinese smartphones 2020 under 30000 in India. The all new Samsung M51 is equipped with a monstrous 7000 mah battery which is definitely the phone’s unique selling point. The design is pretty similar to their M31 range of smartphones but comes with a slightly bigger 6.7 inches super AMOLED bezel-less display.

The Samsung M51 equips the same Snapdragon 730G processor as in the Google 4a but available in 2 variants, 6gb & 8gb Ram, both with 128 gigs of storage [expandable up to 512 gb].

Speaking about the cameras, the m51 has got a quad camera setup at the back with a 64 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultra wide angle camera, 5 MP depth sensor and a 5 MP macro camera as well. At the front, it is equipped with a 32 MP selfie camera. The output is great and Both front and rear camera do pretty well in low light as well which is a plus.

The overall performance of the phone is decent. The snapdragon 730G is well suited for this mid range smartphone. Moderate gamers would find it best for them. However, hardcore gamers are recommended to look elsewhere. It is the strongest contender which could beat the Google 4a to be the best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000.
#2 best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000

3. Asus 6Z [Taiwan]
[6 GB, 8 GB Ram & 64, 128, 256 GB Storage]

The Taiwanese mobile manufacturer Asus has a powerhouse of a phone in the sub 30,000 Rs segment as the Asus 6z. It was an instant hit during its launch last year. Thanks to its motorized dual flip camera system which comprises of a 48 MP primary and a 13 MP secondary sensor which works as both the rear and front cameras.

The design is simple and comes with a 6.4 inch Full HD+ Nano Edge display. Did i tell you it houses a ginormous 5000 mah battery? Yes, Asus has done a tremendous job in the 6Z’s battery compartment as well. Nonetheless, the fact that this particular Asus phone houses a flagship level Snapdragon 855 chipset makes it easily recommendable as one of the best Non Chinese smartphones 2020 under 30000 in India.

The 6Z can stand neck to neck with any other flagship android phones on the market even after 1 year of its launch. The phone comes in 3 variants. 6 Gb ram coupled with 64 Gb & 128 Gb storage along with another 8Gb variant coupled with 256 Gb of storage. Best thing is that the storage is expandable up-to 2 TB. So if you are more of a power hungry hardcore gamer and your budget is under 30,000 rs then i would recommend Asus 6Z as the best non Chinese smartphone in India for you to lookout for. You won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed.
#3 best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000

4. Samsung A71 [South Korea]
[6 GB, 8 GB Ram & 128 GB Storage]

Another decent smartphone at a good price point by the South Korean Giant Samsung. The Samsung a71 was released on December 2019 and it is still one of the best picks under 30,000 Rs. It offers pretty much everything you could ask for in a mid range smartphone. A 6.7 inches Super Amoled Plus display with 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution at 393 ppi pixel density, the Samsung a71 offers great display experience, probably among the best non Chinese mobile phones 2020. Available in 6gb and 8gb ram versions, A71 offers 128 gigs of storage with a dedicated external SD card slot for expandable memory. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset, which of-course is not a 2020 level high speed processor, however, for a normal user who demands good enough power for day to day tasks and is not more of a hardcore gamer, the 730 processor is more than enough.

Talking about the cameras, the samsung a71 has a Quad camera setup like most of the smartphones in 2020. In light of the genuine reviews of Samsung a71 by the tech community and its worldwide users, this phone takes fantastic photos and the videos are pretty stable as well. It has a 64 MP primary sensor accompanied by a 12 MP ultrawide sensor, a 5MP macro and another 5MP depth sensor at the rear and a 32 MP selfie camera at the front.

Another exciting feature Samsung brought in the A71 series is the 25W fast charging which is lightening fast and at the same time, considering the phone houses a 4500 mah battery to go along with it, you would never have to bother about battery life.

Altogether, the Samsung a71 is definitely recommended for those who are looking for the best Non Chinese mobiles under 30000 in India.
#4 best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000

5. Samsung M31s [South Korea]
[6 GB, 8 GB Ram & 128 GB Storage]

The Samsung M31 which was released in Feb 2020 was an instant hit. Thanks to its Amoled display and big 6000 mah battery. Owing to its success Samsung introduced its successor recently as M30s.

Design wise it is more or less similar to the M30 but with a 6.5 inch Infinity O display. Now a major upgrade from the M30 you would see is the Cameras. The Samsung M30s comes with a 64 MP f/1.8 main sensor along with a 12 MP ultra wide, 5 MP macro and 5 MP depth sensor at the rear and a 32 MP selfie cam at the front. The images come out pretty well, though a bit more saturated which some people would prefer more.

It houses a 6000 mah battery along with a 25 W fast charger. The M31s also offers an exciting Reverse Charging feature using which you can pass on the charge anywhere on the go using a Type C to Type C charging cable. Powered by the Exynos 9611 chipset, the phone comes in a 6GB and an 8GB RAM variant, both of which offering 128 gigs of storage. Altogether it is a pretty good package at Rs 19499 (6GB RAM) & Rs 21499 (8GB RAM).

So if you are a mild smartphone user considering a good enough phone for your day to day uses and your budget is in between 20000 to 25000 maximum, then the Samsung M31s is the most economical high performance smartphone option among the best non Chinese phones in India under 30000 Rs.
#5 best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000

That’s it. That was our list of the best non Chinese phones in India 2020 under 30000 Rs.
You would probably have few other recommendations or a list completely contradictory to the one above.
Please do leave your expert opinions on which phone do you think is the best Non Chinese smartphone 2020 under 30000.

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